connecting business.

reconnecting the community.

It doesn’t matter how well connected the world is today, engaging in faceless business with large corporates doesn’t always work.

As humans, we like to interact with each other face to face; make eye contact, build relationships and develop trust with one another. We like to know the person we’re buying from, feel confident we’ve finalised the right deal and be safe in the knowledge there’s somebody managing our account effectively should things ever go wrong.

We know this type of faceless business doesn’t work for everyone, so we can help…

oxtelecom is focused on building long-term relationships where clients feel valued, secure and confident in their communications setup. We also want to build a unique community business where 100% of our profits are invested back into local projects, charities and worthy causes. This means that our clients benefit from reduced overheads and the community benefits from our profit re-investment initiative.

We’re approachable, adaptable and always ensuring our clients are never over sold or pressurised. We’d love to have the chance to build a new relationship for your Oxfordshire business and your Oxfordshire community.

Please browse our range of services or contact us for any information.

  • Embedded in the community

    As a community focussed business, we aim to reduce communications overheads for local businesses whilst simultaneously re-investing profits back into local projects.

  • Easy to do business with

    Our operations and partners are solely UK based and we only look after business customers. This really does make a big difference to business owners because it gives them the confidence to get on with what’s really important to their business without the time wasted dealing with larger network operators.

  • Adaptable

    We provide everything you need, handsets, apps, broadband access, mobile devices, phone systems, IT services, core network services, on site set up, training and ongoing support, allowing you to get on with what’s really important to your business.

  • We listen and innovate

    We strive to work with the customer to give you what you need.  Being a local company we are always willing to meet you on a face-to-face basis and whilst we do offer ‘off the shelf solutions’ we are also quite willing to tailor solutions to meet individual requirements.

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