Business Mobile Broadband

Our Mobile Broadband works on any portable device (tablet, PC or Mac) giving you the opportunity to embrace flexible mobile working with a reliable Internet service.

Service Summary

  • Flexible usage options
  • Flexible contract terms
  • 3G or 4G network services
  • UK, European or Rest of World coverage options
  • Extensive hardware options
  • Dongles, MiFi units and wireless routers
  • Fixed IP SIMs
  • Exceptional support
Mobile Workers

Mobile Broadband helps you get connected easily when you’re on the move. We offer a great range of the latest mobile broadband options to suit all business needs and budgets. This includes dongles for connecting a single device to the internet, MiFi to connect mutiple devices, tablets with integrated SIMs, and business grade 4G wireless routers to service larger user groups which will help you boost productivity and control costs.

Temporary Offices

Our Business Mobile Broadband solutions are ideal for temporary offices such as building site offices, pop up bars and retail stores as well as one-off events such as festivals. We can provide standalone, pay monthly SIM data plans or managed solutions which incorporate the network service and the means to connect your devices using either MiFi or 3G or 4G LTE wireless routers from vendors such as Huawei, Teltonika and Proroute.

Office Moves

Our enhanced mobile broadband services are very useful for office moves where you may need connectivity before a fixed line broadband service can be installed for example. Oxtelecom provides Business Mobile Internet solutions using the latest 4G Mobile Broadband technology and business grade wireless routing equipment to deliver connectivity quickly and when you need it most. We can tailor a business mobile broadband solution which covers 3G or 4G network services, data SIMs and hardware such as dongles, MiFi and wireless routers. The solutions include generous usage options, flexible contract terms as well as fixed IPs.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

We provide a wide range of Fixed IP Mobile Broadband SIM solutions offering public or private IP address ranges and wireless router options. The services are ideal for many applications including IP CCTV, VPN, remote monitoring, remote digital signage and media as well and many more M2M applications.