Auto IVR’s

Oxtelecom provides a comprehensive portfolio of inbound business telephone numbers combined with easy to use, call management applications for any type and size of business including small businesses, informal contact centres, call centres, enterprise and government. Our UK inbound numbers include 01/02, 03, 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871. Our Inbound Numbers are incredibly easy to use and can be managed from anywhere, on any device and with any number.

There’s no capital outlay and inbound numbers can be set up in minutes for maximum operational efficiency. Inbound also provides a ready-made business continuity solution. In the event of an outage you can instantly direct calls to another location, either manually or automatically. We also provide a diverse range of worldwide telephone numbers which allows organisations to provide telephone numbers wherever they serve customers without the costs associated with opening an office in a new territory.

Service Summary

  • Auto Messages
  • Menus
  • Time and date based routing
  • Voicemail boxes
  • Queues
  • Digital collection
  • Email/Text/HTTP off-net data and recording delivery
  • CLI and region mapping
  • Switchboard
  • IF and SET nodes

Creating a customised solution to play messages, menus or any other feature to create an enhanced service.

Data collection

This is easily configurable to collect DTMF digits (phone numbers, other numbers or menu options) or short recordings (voicemails, name/address/postcode recordings).


Our IVR’s can be configured to communicate information with remote systems by means of HTTP(S) request, email, FTP and event text messages.


Reporting can be achieved in several ways, email, web site download, FTP file, HTTP or EV Secure Server.