Business Mobile

With flexible Plans, Mobile Devices, Mobile Broadband, Signal Boosters, Device Management and M2M, our Business Mobile Solutions cover all your needs.  Our voice, data, mobile and IT service are ideal for any type and size of organisation including charities, NGO’s private and public sector.

Service Summary

  • The scale and resilience of the big networks plus the flexibility and service we provide.
  • Simple Business mobile phones and plans, tariffs and bolt-ons including pay-as-you-go, single user, shares user and unlimited.
  • Business Only Mobile Network
  • Designed to ensure that you get the best voice and data coverage for your business mobile phones.
  • Outstanding Network Quality
  • Commercial Flexibility
  • Mobile Broadband Solutions for mobile workers, temporary offices and office moves.

They have been around for ages but when it comes to business mobile phones do the big networks really understand the intricacies of your business? Have you paid overuse charges for calls, texts and data because your business mobile plan does not fit your requirements? Have you suffered from bill shock because employees have gone abroad and you have not been properly advised? And perhaps you are concerned about the security of your business network with lots of mobile devices accessing your servers. We can address all the above issues and much more besides with our flexible business mobile plans, business mobile devices, mobile device management and security, business class network and outstanding account management and customer service.


Using the unique UK roaming business mobile service, MultiNet will ensure that any user will always benefit from the strongest mobile network signal, wherever they are working. The MultiNet service is available as an optional bolt on for new business mobile customers. MultiNet aims to fill the gap between the big four’s individual mobile networks providing business customers with UK roaming capabilities that the big four networks do not provide. MultiNet is ideal for businesses that need to be in continuous contact with their mobile professionals. This is because MultiNet enabled mobile devices will seek to connect to other available UK networks when the primary network is unreachable. This provides users with a much better mobile experience, ensuring that mobile workers are always reachable and productivity is not disrupted due to a lack of mobile data coverage.